Right now, there are four Content Management systems we like to use: Shopify, Craft CMSWordPress and ExpressionEngine. Each has its strengths and weaknesses and we will work with you to decide which is the best fit for your project.

Shopify is our current favorite all-rounder CMS (Content Management System) when it comes to ecommerce projects. As Shopify Experts, we have a number of clients on this platform. Shopify scales well and there are pricing plans to accommodate different needs, depending on factors such as shipping options, credit card rates and other functionality. 

Shopify is a hosted solution. That means that your website lives on Shopify's servers and they take care of security and PCI compliance. This is in contrast to ecommerce solutions where you run the software on your own servers. The upside to this is that all security related issues are handled for you. The downside is, you are limited to what Shopify allows you to do with their software. However, Shopify is very well designed, frequently updated, and has a robust app store which allows you to add both first- and third-party apps to your store to extend functionality. In addition, they make it easy to use a pre-made theme to define the appearance of your store as well as to design one from scratch. Unlike older systems like Magento, coding Shopify themes is a pleasure due to a modern workflow and a well thought-out code structure by the Shopify team.

With Shopify, you can also take advantage of their POS (Point of Sale) system to run Shopify in a brick and mortar store. This way, inventory tracking and prices are all contained within the same system.

Shopify can be used by those who aim to make the occasional online sale in addition to their main offline business, and by those who use it to power their entire business. It's a really versatile solution.

  • Secure hosted solution. No need to worry about PCI compliance on your own hardware.
  • Tiered payment plans to cater for different business needs.
  • Themes offer a great deal of flexibility in the appearance of the online store.
  • Shopify offer a POS system for brick and mortar stores.
  • Large number of apps available to extend core functionality.

Visit the Shopify website for more information and check out our Shopify Experts listing.

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