Right now, there are four Content Management systems we like to use: ShopifyCraft CMSWordPress and ExpressionEngine. Each has its strengths and weaknesses and we will work with you to decide which is the best fit for your project.

ExpressionEngine has been around for a while. Like a lot of older PHP based CMSs (Content Managment Systems), it started life as a blogging engine. However, ExpressionEngine soon separated itself from the crowd with its use of structured data. Unlike many CMSs which are based around a single field into which you cram all your content for a page, ExpressionEngine is built around the concept of channels of data which can contain multiple custom field types for website content creators to use to build out rich, dynamic pages.

ExpressionEngine also has a decent community that has been built up over the years. There are many web developers and agencies who use ExpressionEngine, and many have built and maintain both free and commercial add-ons. Devot-ee is the place to go for ExpressionEngine add-ons.

ExpressionEngine has a number of ecommerce options available via commercial plugins.

ExpressionEngine is a commercial product. It costs $299 for a license. They also charge a monthly fee for support. However, paid support is rarely if ever needed when working with an experienced ExpressionEngine developer as there are community resources for peer assistance, such as Stack Exchange, Slack and the forums.

See the ExpressionEngine website for more information.

  • PHP-powered self-hosted CMS.
  • Large number of plugins available to extend core functionality.
  • Has a large and active community around it.
  • Allows a great deal of flexibility to create complex websites.
Projects built withExpressionEngine