Craft CMS

Right now, there are four Content Management systems we like to use: Shopify, Craft CMS, WordPress and ExpressionEngine. Each has its strengths and weaknesses and we will work with you to decide which is the best fit for your project.

Craft is the newest CMS (Content Management System) that we use. Craft is made by Pixel & Tonic, who started life as ExpressionEngine plugin creators. After growing frustrated with ExpressionEngine, they started their own CMS in 2012. It has grown massively since then and is now recognized as one of the leading CMSs for building custom and unique websites. The community around Craft has grown over the years and there are a good number of plugins available at Straight Up Craft and Craft Plus. The community help is also fantastic, with active Stack Exchange and Slack channels as well as direct email support from the Craft staff from within the Craft admin area.

The reason we love Craft is that you can tell it was built by people that had used other CMSs and wanted to create a system that really worked for both those coding the sites and those adding and editing the content. Craft is a the best system we know of in both of these regards. Software updates are simple, adding content is intuitive and the live preview works fantastically. Craft is built on PHP, like most of the other CMSs we use, so it will run on virtually any hosting package out there, from the cheapest shared hosting to the finest dedicated server.

Craft is commercial software and has two plans available, Craft Client at $199 and Craft Pro at $299. You can see what these plans offer on the Craft pricing page.

Craft also has a first-party plugin, Craft Commerce, for handling ecommerce. It's not cheap, with a price of $999 (or $700 if you already have a Craft Pro license). However, as a first-party plugin, support is included in the price and you know that the Craft team are behind it with their excellent track record.

Check out Craft's website for more information.

  • PHP-based self-hosted CMS (Content Management System).
  • Extremely flexible system capable of powering large and dynamic websites.
  • Strong and growing community.
  • Great support included in the price.
  • A modern CMS without all the legacy cruft found in older systems
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