Video is often the most concise and elegant way to communicate an idea, sum up a place, or introduce yourself. Easily shared, videos can gain a life of their own, distributing your story far and wide. 

We have experience scripting, shooting and editing promos, interviews, instructional videos, fundraisers, short and feature length films.

You can see more of our video work over on our sister company's website — The Quail & The Dove — where we make beautiful wedding films.

Aerial Videography (AKA Drone)

We are certified drone pilots and offer aerial photography and videography services as part of an overall video or photo project or as a standalone service. Find out more about our aerial photography and cinematography services.

A video combining aerial and regular shooting techniques

About Us Videos

A video can be a great way to introduce your business. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is even better! You can convey so much more in a video: personality, style and emotion. The music, look and tone of an "about us" film can communicate your brand more quickly than words and pictures alone.

An example of a video for an "About" page on the website for Salvaged Soul

Instructional Videos

If you have a product or service that is more easily shown than explained, consider an instructional video. From cooking videos to product demos, instructional videos can educate your customers while showcasing your product or service.

A cooking video we shot for Qué Mami Organics
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