Hustle Humble

Video Production

Hustle Humble is a pitching platform for entrepreneurs put together by ChicExecs, a PR firm in San Diego. ChicExecs wanted to do a spoof pitching event with kids instead of adults. We set up a day of shooting in their offices going in with no script as they wanted to get more natural and spontaneous responses. Some of the kids took it very seriously and others were irrepressibly silly, so it made for a good combination in the end!

We had to find a structure in the edit since we walked away with a lot of footage of the kids responding to various questions. In the end, the "Brand Pitching Tips" format made the most sense as we could cut in the funny things the kids said and did into a short video sequence that spoke to the idea behind Hustle Humble. We kept the videos under a minute so they could be shared on Instagram as well as other social media.