Video Production

ChicExecs contacted us after seeing the film we shot for Salvaged Soul. They wanted to capture the fun and energy of their non-corporate-feeling offices where they employ 40+ public relations and social media experts. ChicExec's tagline is "Think Outside the Suit" which sums up their creative and fresh approach to the work they do.

We did our research on ChicExecs online and via phone calls with their staff to figure out how to approach the project. After getting a feel for the company culture and what they wanted to say, we drafted a script for Kaitlynn and Nikki — the two founders of ChicExecs — to deliver to camera. After a bit of back and forth with the founders to lock in the message, we arrived on the day armed with a shot list (thanks to Karolina for helping us plan this) and script.

We recorded Nikki and Kailynn delivering their respective parts of the script and then asked them some more questions to have some other, more organic, dialog to work with in the edit. The finished film sticks closely to the original plan and structure, but we did deviate from the script in the edit to better convey their story.