Sea Chi Greeting Card

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When we were creating imagery for Sanandra, owner and creator of Sea Chi, we remembered that she loved hearts, and loved mandalas made from natural materials like flowers and leaves. So one afternoon in the studio we created a heart-shaped mandala out of flower petals and photographed it for her to use on the home page of the Sea Chi website. The image was one of her favorite of the 12 custom photo banners we created for her. It still on her homepage two years later, and has been featured in many of her email campaigns.

Sanandra recently decided to add a line of greeting cards to her site, and the first card in the series was printed this week, featuring our heart mandala image! The graphic designer we worked with on the Sea Chi project, Stephen Brogdon, did the layout for the cards. So much of our work is exclusively digital, it is fun to see our work physically printed out and to know that people will be sending it through the mail with their own messages written inside.

You can purchase the cards here on the Sea Chi site.

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