Drone for Airbnb and Rental Properties

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In Joshua Tree and Yucca Valley, where we are based, it seems that virtually every other property is a vacation rental listed on Airbnb. It makes sense as it's a smallish town with a massive tourist trade as people flock in to visit the National Park. There are many beautiful Airbnbs where people can stay for a few nights and soak up the quiet and beauty of the desert.

Many of the more popular rental properties have a sense of the wilderness that attracts people to the desert. Some take a little longer to get too, but the reward is being surrounded by open desert and beautiful vistas. It beats staying in the local Holiday Inn.

We have done drone work for a few rental properties in the area. The drone we use can shoot both 4k video and raw stills which means we can produce both high quality video and photos of properties from angles which are otherwise very hard to achieve (unless of course you're either Tony Stark or own a helicopter).

We've produced both long and short videos for rental properties. The following are short clips designed to be shared on social media platforms such as Instagram:

We've also done a longer form video which combined with traditional camera work on tripods, sliders and gimbals, can really show off the charm and various spaces of a rental property.

Since there are no airspace restrictions around Joshua Tree (apart from a ban for drones in the National Park itself) it makes it a perfect place to shoot photos and videos with a drone. And by hiring FAA certified professionals (like ourselves!) you can ensure your drone operator can buy liability insurance to protect your property from any drone mishaps, should they occur.

Although you can set up an Airbnb listing with photos taken from an iPhone and get away with it, to really stand out, a bit of drone might be the way to go.

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