Apple Canyon Designs: Shopify Experts

An Article Posted byJim in Web Design // Photography

We have been working with the Shopify ecommerce platform for a number of years. It's our preferred ecommerce platform for most of our client projects. We're excited to announce that on the strength of our work with Shopify over the past few years, we've now been exalted to the rank of Shopify Expert!

One of my favorite things about Shopify is how well it scales. We have two Shopify projects coming up, one a large site and one a fairly small site. With smaller clients, we can use existing themes and add beautiful custom photos and video and compelling text to bring them to life while sticking to a smaller budget. On the other end of the scale, Shopify allows complete control over all templates and for themes to be built from scratch to allow for unique designs that perfectly fit store owners needs.

Shopify's main competitor is still Magento — as far as I can tell — and having worked on a Magento project last year, I've vowed never to touch it again! It's powerful and open source, but ridiculously complex. Shopify works so well as it allows store owners to get up and running with little upfront investment and scales with them as their business grows.

We look forward to creating plenty more stores on Shopify and working with existing stores to improve and add to the photography and video that can make the difference between a good and great site.

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