A Rainy Day in Joshua Tree

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Today it was a rainy day in the desert. A really REALLY rainy day. It seems like all of California is getting thoroughly saturated this winter, which is a good thing on the whole. We've had a few rain storms in the past month and today, with the ground was still wet from the last storm, the heavens opened and down it came.

Part way through the day we lost our internet connection for an hour or so. As so much of our work requires being online, we decided to take some rainy day pictures in our studio to celebrate Thomas's (our cat) birthday tomorrow. He is turning 12. Yes, we know our cats birthday. Don't judge us.

We took all the shots with a single light source: a Paul C Buff Einstein monolight with a diffused umbrella modifier. The light was overhead for all the shots.

Happy Birthday, Thomas! 

This is Thomas's favorite position. Never quite figured out why.

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